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Aftercare Guide

All colours need maintenance particularly bleaches and vivids. As well as discussing this with you in your appointment I have created an aftercare guide for you to keep as a reference. This gives you information on products, do’s and don’ts, home remedies, top ups after fading and general advise.


I will email you this guide following your appointment.

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Silver shampoo is an amazing product that continues to tone your hair if you require cool toned blonde in between appointments to avoid brassiness and make you feel fresh. However, you need to use it correctly. When you hair is freshly coloured you will not need to use it for 2-3 weeks. When you start to notice golden tones that you don’t like come through use it, if you don’t see gold don’t use it. It is a visual product. Never use it every time you wash your hair else you will get a build-up of it making it dull, khaki or even over pigmenting it so it looks purple.Do not use it for a week before your colour appointment as it can act as a barrier to colour affecting the tone.
A recommendation is Osmo super silver no yellow mask it is £5 if you prefer a shampoo there is one in the same brand range for £10. Just use one or the other not both. Just massage in and rinse it does not need to develop it is a quick rinse.
When using a silver shampoo or conditioner follow this order depending on which one you use:
                                            Reg shampoo- silver shampoo- reg mask.
                                             Reg shampoo- silver conditioner- reg mask.


If you require a more ashy matte less reddish brown as your colour fades use the following shampoo after your regular shampoo as and when needed followed by your regular mask- Matrix Total results Dark Envy Neutralising Green Shampoo for Dark Brunette hair 300ml around £10.

Red & Coppers

These pigmented conditioners really work for a colour top up and are a no hassle option for a colour top up. Ensure you wear gloves and are careful in your bathroom. Cillit bang will remove stains if necessary. RED pigmented conditioner – Revlon Colour bomb 600 fire – around £20.Can be left on up to 20 mins after your reg shampoo and then reg mask COPPER pigmented conditioner- Revlon Colour bomb 400 tangerine around £20.Same instructions as above.


For soft pastel shades the toner you receive in salon will fade quicker as it is quite diluted. A pastel coloured mask can be used as a top up to replenish tone this would be applied following a shampoo and reg mask. The pigment will only show over the lightened hair and these coloured masks below give a soft tone. Wella Professional Colour Fresh Mask: 10 mins development time.
                                                            Lilac frost (ash lilac)
-                                                          Pearl blonde- (silvery)
                                                               Bleach London
-                                                     Rose (pink) colour conditioner.
The following directions shades can be blended with conditioner to subdue or used independently for more intensity and left on for 20mins. They will give a stronger result then the coloured masks.
                                          Lavender - Peach - Wisteria (a non-greyish lilac)
                                                            Carnation pink (Barbie pink)

Image by Vinicius "amnx" Amano
Image by Sincerely Media


Doris will inform you of the specific directions shade she used in the salon for your home top up during your appointment.
Stick to the general colour palette that was used on you in the salon, do not go for a bright blue or green for example if you did not have this in the salon. 
These pigments stain and hold very deeply, meaning they are very tricky to lift out quickly and healthily should you change your mind and switch it up. Do not attempt a colour bleed out of various shades as its super difficult to do yourself and get a seamless finish stick to a one colour look. 
Another option -Doris will have also given you the specific name of your directions shade she used as your fashion colour which you can mix into conditioner for an easier application( but slightly subdued) or apply to dry hair and leave on for half an hour then rinse and condition for a more intense result. DIRECTIONS can be purchased form Paks or ordered online through the website there is no minimum order and you don’t need to be in the trade either. There is a shade chart online and in store. Here are some go to options-Pillar box Red, Poppy Red, Fluorescent Orange, and Tangerine.

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