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Avant Garde
Book Of Wonders

" Imagination is the only weapon in the war against reality"

The Cheshire Cat

Alice in Wonderland

'The Avant Garde Book of Wonders' is a thorough dive into an ocean of knowledge, ideas, tips and tricks and inspiration. 


It is a mixed resource part training manual ,part coffee table book . It fuses artistic expressions of art, poetry and  photography .It offers honest insights and career support.


The Book of Wonders guides an innovative approach in how we can dress the head. It explores Avant Garde as a style with the many aspects within this genre. Vintage hair, session styling, wig-work, head-dress making, make-up, art, photography and creativity as a spiritual force

The book was created for the reader to fall in love with the process of creating and finding their own unique style. 


The Book was co-created in collaboration with The House of Hair Revolution.


The books' energy exchange is priced at £25.


Complete the enquiry form in the 'Booking Enquiries section' to reserve your copy from the next printed batch. 

Avant Garde

Book of Wonders

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