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Pre-booking Guide

Thank you for expressing an interest in the hair services I create.

This guide gives you all the information needed in communicating your hair vision, how I work, booking in, where to find me and aftercare support.

I provide a colourful artistic space that is inclusive of all people and hair types.

A warm friendly environment where you are free to be yourself and express yourself.
One to one attention with no clients in between, time dedicated to you and only you with a good
vibes only service and a bespoke look to celebrate your individuality.


Pictures are very useful in understanding your hair history and hair goal.


Please send a picture or video of your hair in its current state and an image or several of some inspiration images of the hair look you would like to achieve. I can always develop these images and tailor something personal to you but it gives me an idea of your preferences.


Tell me your hair history stating what is already on your hair. This has a bearing on what is achievable as does the hair strength and condition.


Please note some colour goals are a journey and cannot be reached in one sitting. I will let you know what is achievable and ensure you are aware of the options available.


Please also note that if you have used a box dye or henna in your recent hair history I am unable to carry out your hair service. The chemical content in these products do not respond to bleach in the same way as salon colour. This means they are unpredictable to work with and can produce peculiar shades and breakage so ensure you are transparent about your hair history.

Before Appointment

As a creative hairstylist the work I produce is very much tailored and distinctive to my clients’ requirements and we work collaboratively to create the look. The service is not standardised so the price is not either. Once the images have been received I will send you a total price and a breakdown of all the services that are carried out in your hair appointment to create the end result.

Compared to the current hair market and high street salons my prices are slightly lower to ensure I am more accessible to everyone.

Once a date, time and price has been confirmed I take a £10 deposit via pay pal to secure my time. This £10 comes off the end bill on the day.

My pay pal details are as follows:

If you do not have access to pay pal, a bank transfer can be arranged alternatively.

On the day I take payment in cash, pay pal or monzo as soon as the service is completed.


Age Restriction Policy.

18 plus for any colouring or cutting services.

Image by Kamil Ślusarczyk

During Appointment

Once I am aware of your hair history and vision. I will let you know if a skin test is needed for the colour service you require.


Skin testing is required at least 48hrs prior to your hair appointment if you are having an on scalp colour, a scalp bleach and natural toner, highlights with a toner.


If a skin test is required for your service I will send you the skin test form to your preferred address to fill out and bring with you to your appointment. I will also include the colour sample to test on your skin with instructions.

If a reaction occurs ensure you let me know as it will not be safe to carry out the process.


Pleasure be aware that for a colour and cutting service your appointment will be a minimum of three hours.
I will let you know beforehand a time estimate but when doing big transformations and multi-step colouring it can be slightly longer
depending on the complexity of the job.

Re-do Policy

If you are not completely happy with your hair please let me know on the day or within a week so I can make any changes needed.

If you have decided you just don’t like the look on you and there is no technical fault with the work it maybe chargeable on discretion of the stylist.

It is super important to be sure of what you ask for.
After a two week grace period any changes would be seen as a new look and fully chargeable, as by this time regrowth would occur.


Pleasure ensure manners and respectful conduct at all times in exchange for the time, effort and care you are shown.

Re-do Policy

Image by Jon Tyson
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